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Your problem solvingsuperhero.

Whether your goal is launching an MVP or streamlining for scale, I have delivered results that drive tangible impact - making me a valuable addition to any team ready to achieve its next milestone.

What I've been working on

Innovating the consumer debt landscape 0 to 1

Learn about how I've developed a disruptive enterprise banking product that enables end-to-end automation for the recovery of past due consumer credit card debt at Relief.

Product Delivery

4X'ing PayPal's Digital Value-Chain

Learn how I helped build and ship the next era of PayPal's Enterprise Platforms software that fundamentally altered their organic SEO value and content development velocity.

Enterprise Software

Modernizing The Worlds Largest QSR Supply Chain

Learn how I tested use cases for emerging technology such as IoT, Blockchain, and Computer Vision within one of the worlds largest and most complex Supply Chains.

Emerging Tech
Data Science
Digital Transformation

Hyper-growth OKR Programs

Learn about how I consulted Flutterwave - Africa's largest FinTech company - on how to create a framework of cross-functional OKRs and KPIs that up-laddered and linked goals across their hyper-growth company.

Executive Consulting
Goal Alignment

Creative Problem Solving

I have a well tested and systematic approach to addressing and solving complex challenges by brainstorming, iterating, and thinking outside the box.

Human Centered Approach

As a lifelong designer and marketer I infuse human psychology with empathy and understanding to ensure we solve the root cause of issues.

Evidence Based Decisions

Being a true Data Nerd at heart, I use a mix of qualitative and quantitative data to guide decisions whenever possible, ensuring our tactics or strategies are measurable.



My approach on communication emphasizes comprehension by summarizing the "Most Important Point" in an ELI5 (Explain it like I'm 5) format.


I foster an environment built on continuous collaboration and alignment that allows each stakeholder a voice, opinion, and input.


I leverage modern software tools to ensure that relevant stakeholders are held accountable for their domains of responsibility and project deliverables.

What I'm good at


B2B Saas

Innovation Workshops

Enterprise Architecture

Agile & Scrum

Marketing Strategy

B2C Apps



Team Leadership


Product Strategy

Rapid Prototyping

Data Analysis

Market & UX Research

Business Development

Data Science

I like to build things

I'm a self-starter, relentless learner, and challenger of the status quo
I've been a designer, an engineer, researcher, consultant, and a coach
I can bootstrap products 0-1 with or without resources

My preferred stack


Amazon Web Services







Want to learn about what other tools I use? Email or schedule time with me.

Reference Testimonials

What teammates say about me

Want to see a full list of references? Feel free to email or schedule time with me.

Product Experience FAQs

Questions? I've got answers

I have partnered closely with engineering, design, marketing, and other domain leaders to understand needs across the product development life cycle for over 10 years. I have been a designer and engineer in the past. Effective collaboration enables us to build shared understanding and work cohesively towards our objectives.

I am well-versed in agile methods like design sprints, user story mapping, iterative prototyping, and frequent retrospectives. I believe in flexible, collaborative processes that focus on continuous learning and adapting.

With startups, I embrace agile methods like rapid prototyping and iteration based on user feedback. With enterprises, I leverage their existing processes while advising how to incorporate validation cycles. The key is aligning with their stage of maturity.

Alignment requires early involvement from relevant stakeholders, clear and ongoing communication, and transparency into the process. I solicit perspectives, set expectations, and get buy-in at key milestones through workshops and reviews on a specified cadence.

Healthy debate is expected - I promote bringing rationales into the open to evaluate tradeoffs transparently. By focusing the team on our users and shared goals, as well as any data we can leverage, I can reach consensus or agree on further experiments to resolve unknowns.

I establish team working agreements early on and set norms around collaboration. Building psychological safety enables open communication and constructive feedback. I also look to balance voices and strengthen connections between team members.

Let's chat

Find out what we can build, ship, automate, and scale together.

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