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I'm a creative problem solver.

My story

I'm a life-long learner, tinkerer, and ponderer of big questions. Throughout my life I've been drawn to challenges that others typically avoid. I've always been inspired and driven by those unique and memorable "Aha! I get it now!" moments.

I've developed a first-principles approach on problem solving that breaks down challenges to core truths, and then infuses collaboration and iteration to map out a future-state of what's possible. I've become a disciplined leader with over a decade of experience transforming novel ideas into reality by refining this process.

During my career, I've led global digital transformation initiatives, launched hyper-growth software 0 to 1, and have defined, designed, and deployed products across many sectors,. My experience has been developed across a multitude of subject matter domains, technology stacks, and corporations of various scales and levels of complexity.

A few things that give me inspiration




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