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Cross-functional OKRs for a Hyper-Scale Startup

Architecting Cross-functional OKRs

to achieve alignment across a hyper-growth startup

Flutterwave was experiencing friction between teams due to misaligned priorities as the company scaled rapidly.

As the Delivery Lead assigned to this engagement at People Rocket, I laid the foundation of a cross-functional OKR and KPI framework to cascade top-level goals into actionable department and individual objectives with measurable key results.

This created alignment on strategic priorities across the organization, and empowered employees to share their input which was used to make decisions at an executive level.

Our Phased Approach

Iterative design, collaborative delivery

We instituted a collaborative, multi-phase process to cascade top-level company goals into actionable, measurable objectives and key results for every department and employee.

01 /

We conducted stakeholder interviews and analyzed Flutterwave's growth strategy to identify 3-5 top-level company objectives.

02 /

Worked with department heads to define team objectives and quantitative key results that laddered up to company goals and strategy.

03 /

Implemented and analyzed cross-functional employee pulse surveys to ideate on department KPIs and gauge progress towards shared goals.

04 /

Instituted regular OKR sync meetings to track progress and inter-departmental alignment on priorities, obstacles, and blockers.

Main Use Cases of the OKRs

Strategic alignment

OKRs enabled employees at all levels to see how their work ladders up to big-picture goals.

Improved communication

Regular OKR syncs increased transparency into changing priorities and dependencies.

Data-driven progress

Quantitative key results provided visibility into current progress and completion rates.

Professional development

The process identified skill gaps to inform employee training and development programs.

Flutterwave Project Outcomes

60% of employees

Report understanding how their work contributes to strategic goals (up from 23%)

80% reduction

Of misalignments and priority discrepancies between departmental priorities

70% increase

In completion rates towards monthly goals and quarterly objectives based on OKR tracking

50% faster onboarding

Of new employee onboarding and understanding of performance evaluation tied to goals.

People Rocket Project Outcomes

The project came in 15% under budget due to our efficient methodology for rapid alignment across departments.
We exceeded our projected revenue target by 20% given the expanded scope requested by the client mid-project.
Flutterwave expanded our contract to include building a employee development program
Outcomes led to People Rocket being recognized as a thought leader in scaling startups, resulting in 3 new clients
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